Virtual Community

Virtual Community

Sistedes 2012 will have a notorious presence and broadcasting over most known social networks..

The most relevant news about conference arrangement and organization will be published in a synchronous way on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. We will use a common news site, where the contributions will be simultaneously published on the web and all social networks.

Each one of our profiles plays a different role in Sistedes 2012, adapted to the features of each one of these networks.

  • Facebook, It acts as a general purpose media. Taking advantage of that it’s a tool used almost every day by most people, Sistedes 2012 will bring to the walls of interested persons news and curiosities on the event organization and audiovisual material during its celebration.

  • Twitter, the other social giant, will search the event diffusion before its celebration; strongly encouraging community members (organizers, volunteers and attendants) the use of #sistedes2012 hashtag each time they want to talk about conference. The same hashtag will be used later by organizers to track active and precisely presentations and activities, collecting most remarkable contributions and attendant opinions.

  • On the other hand Linkedin will be oriented mainly to the professional sphere, looking for the generation of some discussion on the contents of JCIS, PROLE and JISBD conferences.

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