XVII Conference on Software Engineering and Databases


What is the aim of this conference?

The Conference on Software Engineering and Databases (JISBD) have been strengthened as a reference forum where researchers and professionals in Spain, Portugal and Latin America in the fields of Software Engineering and Databases, can discuss and exchange ideas, synergies and, mainly, to know the research being carried out in our community.

Structure of the conference

JISBD Conference 2012 will be a very interactive forum. The sessions will be organized so that each paper will be discussed at least with its commentator, usually another speaker in the same session and, as far as possible, with the rest of the audience. To all speakers can be asked to be a commentator for another paper presented in this session. The papers to comment willprovide to the commentators before its presentation.

Five types of contributions can be presented in the topics: (1) regular papers, which present a research result, (2) emerging research works, which are at the beginning of its development, (3) tool demonstrations, (4) relevant papers already published and (5) tutorials. Contributions can be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

The topics of this edition are:
  • Session 1: Databases, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Information Retrieval.
  • Session 2: Web Engineering, User Interfaces, Collaborative Systems, Ubiquitous Computing.
  • Session 3: Decision Support in Software Engineering, Methodologies, Experimentation.
  • Session 4: Quality, Testing and Requirements.
  • Session 5: Model-Driven Software Development.
  • Session 6: Product Lines, Components and Architectures Software.
  • Session 7: Other Works (they will not clearly fit into any of the previous sessions).


    JISBD 2012 accepts contributions of quality that describe research results or experience related to the fields of Software Engineering and Databases.
    The papers can be sent or have been under reviewing at another conference (regardless of the language in which they are written) when they differ at least 20% of the work and/or are not conditioned by copyright by the publisher where it has been published or will be published. All papers that present a quality work, can be of interest to the community and are within the scope of one of the topics of the JISBD, can be accepted for presentation and published as part of the proceedings of the conference.


    JISBD 2012 accepts contributions where new ideas are described, although the research results have not been published yet, which wants to receive feedback and on which can discuss and collect ideas and suggestions.
    All papers, which present works that fall within the scope of the topics which have been sent and to promote the discussion, will be accepted for presentation in such session and published as part of the proceedings of the conference.


    The demonstrations of tools are a framework to discuss the practical viability of the theoretical and methodological proposed by the JISBD community. The proposed prototype can be at an initial phase, but with enough functionality to be presented to the community. The aim is to create a discussion framework to know experiences, stimulate discussion and inspire the commercialization of the most mature and promising tools.
    Demonstrations will be selected based on technical value, novelty and relevance to the JISBD community. The selected tools will be shown during the conference and will include an abstract in the proceedings of JISBD 2012 Conference. Spaces will be enabled and events will be dedicated to the demonstration.


    2012 JISBD accepts relevant papers published during 2011 in journals with impact factor or prestigious conferences. In addition to present the most relevant publications of the members of the community, this release of results aim to create synergies, collaborations, new challenges and future work among the members of our community.
    Those papers with better quality factors will be selected for presentation in the topic sessions, always taking into account the homogeneity and needs of these sessions. The abstracts of all papers will be published in the proceedings of the JISBD.


    The tutorials will complement the core of JISBD 2012 giving its participants the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills, because of its complexity or extent, make the tutorial the best formula to get them. We encourage submit proposals on the topics of the conference, emerging issues and those that extend the horizon of the conference.
    The tutorials could be proposed for a full day (6 hours), half day (3 hours) or a session (1.5 hours).

    For further information about contributions, please contact Antonio Ruiz-Cortés (

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